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We provide a professional CNC cutting service that can deliver precisely CNC cut components for very reasonable rates. Our many years of experience combined with a dedicated manufacturing facility mean that we are:

  • efficient at processing sheet materials, enabling us to excel at high volume part manufacturing
  • skilled at complex shapes’ projects with intricate & accurate drilling patterns

Our goal is to ensure that whatever project you want, is done just the way you want it. To attain that goal, we combine the latest CNC technology and the craftsmanship of our expert team to ensure the highest standard of work is met and exceeded.

We have the ability in house to provide CNC cutting and routing for a huge range of materials, including but not limited to:

  • Wood
  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • OSB
  • Plastics
  • Plexiglas
  • PVC
  • HPL
  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Composites (Corian, Hi-Macs, Betacryl etc)
  • Dibond
  • Carbon
  • Alucobond
  • Fabrics

Over the years we have worked on many CNC cutting projects for a wide range of companies, developing lasting working relationships with a growing client portfolio of kitchen manufacturers, architects, joinery firms, designers, artists, shop fitters and bespoke carpentry firms. The positive feedback we have had is that our CNC cutting service was friendly, good value and reliable.

Our brand new jumbo size CNC is the perfect tool for all your CNC cutting needs. Whether it’s panels, pockets, groves or slots, our CNC can do it all with accuracy that is impossible to be replicated by hand.

This state of the art milling machine is made of thick heavy steel provides high rigidity and resistance to overload, excellent resonance dampening. 

CNC machining centre is working in full 3D – you can use it to perform a complete machining in 3 axis for example threads, carving. Our CNC CENTRE together with designing software is equipped with features like: auto nesting, automatic correction of the cutter diameter, slope entry into the material, define bridges, automated cutting first internal shapes, visualization, etc. The program is compatible with all popular graphics programs type Corel Draw, AutoCAD, etc from which we can import your vectors.

   Main technological aspects:

  • Sheet capacity is 3050mm x 2070mm (10ft x 6.75ft)
  • Firm metal construction, the arms are made of  thick and heavy steel, preventing vibrations and deformations
  • Bearings using trapezoidal rails which are overdesigned for much heavier loads preventing rapid downgrading of the runners
  • Helical drives provide high speed, high accuracy and durability
  • Advanced servo drivers and motors which provide high speeds (idle passes and routing), can work longer, with integrated braking system.
  • Professional brushless motor spindle air cooled with automatic tool changer integrated.
  • 12 Revolver tool changer
  • Always a vacuum table with air cooled air pump.
  • Positioning bars – quickly move boards into X=0 Y=0 position and start the operation
  • Industrial controllers with manual/analogue signal generator

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